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General Body - FFSC
  • Building India Together
    Building India Together

General Body

The General Body shall consist of all the Members of the Society mentioned in the Register of Members who are not disqualified by any prior resolution of the Governing Council and who are not in arrears at the time of meeting of the General Body.
The General Body of the Society shall be composed of the following classes of Members:
1. Founder Members
2. Nominated Members
3. Honorary Members
4. Other Members

List of General Body Members:

S.No IKC Code Classification Name of the GB Member Designation in SSC Organization Name Designation of the GB Member in his/her Organization
1 IKC23_001 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Narsi Kularia Chairman Narsi Interior Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
2 IKC23_002 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Rajesh Mittal Co-chairman Greenply Industries Ltd. CMD
3 IKC23_003 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Saurabh Jain Treasurer Decora Kitchen Interiors Pvt. Ltd Managing Director
4 IKC23_004 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Rahul Mehta CEO Furniture & Fittings Skill Council (FFSC) CEO/Secretary
5 IKC23_005 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Anil Goel Honorary Governing Council Member Hettich India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
6 IKC23_006 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Virendra Kumar Gupta CII Nominee Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Deputy Director General
7 IKC23_007 NSDC Nominee Mr. Mahendra Singh Payaal NSDC Nominee National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Vice President, Government Programs
8 IKC23_008 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Alok Aggarwal Executive Member of Governing Council Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
9 IKC23_009 Industry - MSME Mr. Anil Kumar Executive Member of Governing Council Omega Innovative Industries Managing Partner
10 IKC23_010 Industry - MSME Mr. C. Ramesh Executive Member of Governing Council K.A. Kutties Wood Crafts Director
11 IKC23_011 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Gopal Dwivedi Executive Member of Governing Council Home Interior Designs E Commerce Pvt. Ltd. (Livspace) Assistant Vice President
12 IKC23_012 Industry - MSME Mr. Jagdish A Mistry Executive Member of Governing Council Neki Corporation Principal Architect
13 IKC23_013 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Manish Arora Executive Member of Governing Council REHAU Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Director - Furniture Solutions
14 IKC23_014 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Pankaj Liladhar Chandak Executive Member of Governing Council Praveedh Décor Pvt. Ltd. Director
15 IKC23_015 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Rajesh Balakrishnan Executive Member of Governing Council Pidilite Industries Ltd. CEO - Joinery Business
16 IKC23_016 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Rajesh Nair Executive Member of Governing Council EBCO Pvt. Ltd. Director - Sales & Marketing
17 IKC23_017 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Sivakumar Venugopal Executive Member of Governing Council NürnbergMesse India Pvt. Ltd. Group Director
18 IKC23_018 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Swapneel K Nagarkar Executive Member of Governing Council Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Business Head – Godrej Interio
19 IKC23_019 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Venkataramana Gorti Executive Member of Governing Council HOMAG India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director & Country Head
20 IKC23_020 Association Mr. Adurthi S Rao Honorary Member of the Governing Council Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders (AFMT) President
21 IKC23_021 Association Mr. Vijay Chokhany Honorary Member of the Governing Council Association of Architects, Builders, Interiors Designers & Allied (ABID) Secretary
22 IKC23_022 Association Mr. Vikas Agarwal Honorary Member of the Governing Council Indian Laminate Manufacturer’s Association (ILMA) President
23 IKC23_023 Association Mr. Jikesh Thakkar Honorary Member of the Governing Council Association of Indian Panel Board Manufacturers (AIPM) Secretary
24 IKC23_024 Association Mr. Sanjay R. Khambayate Honorary Member of the Governing Council Aurangabad Furniture and Engineering Work Cluster (AFEWC) Chairman
25 IKC23_025 Association Mr. Subhash Jolly Honorary Member of the Governing Council Wood Technologist Association President
26 IKC23_026 Association Mr. D Venu Gopal Reddy Honorary Member of the Governing Council Modular Furniture Manufacturers Association (MFMA) General Secretary
27 IKC23_027 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Pronab Basak Member AICA Laminates India Pvt Ltd. COO & Director
28 IKC23_028 Industry - MSME Mr. Pranesh Chhibber Member Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (Canadian Wood) Country Director
29 IKC23_029 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Ashok Kularia Member ANJ Turnkey Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
30 IKC23_030 Industry - MSME Mr. Bram Rouws Member Bram Woodcrafting Studio Pvt. Ltd. Director
31 IKC23_031 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. E. Rajendran Member Hevea Furniture & Interiors Pvt. Ltd Director
32 IKC23_032 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Hardeep Sawhney Member Interwood Kitchens Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
33 IKC23_033 Industry - MSME Mr. Manish Anand Member Kesseboehmer Furniture Fittings India Pvt Ltd. Director
34 IKC23_034 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Nandkishor Mistry Member Swati Interior Concepts Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
35 IKC23_035 Industry - MSME Mr. Pulin Shah Member Paradigm Kreation Managing Director
36 IKC23_036 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Satyan Thukral Member Caple Industrial Solutions CEO
37 IKC23_037 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Chanan Roniwal Member Ajit Indutries Pvt. Ltd. COO
38 IKC23_038 Industry - MSME Mr. Subash T Gopalan Member Texwood Consultancy Services Principal Consultant
39 IKC23_039 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Sukhjit S Dhiman Member Ranbir Singh Dhiman & Sons CEO
40 IKC23_040 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Tarek Utturkar Member Utturkars Wood Culture Partner
41 IKC23_041 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. K.G. Ajith Kumar Member Kerala Artisans Development Corporation (KADCO) Managing Director
42 IKC23_042 Industry - MSME Mr. Amit Arora Member Fusion Group Proprietor
43 IKC23_043 Industry - MSME Mr. Amit Sheth Member Total Tools & Equipments Pvt. Ltd Director
44 IKC23_044 Industry - MSME Mr. Anand Gupta Member Decofur India Pvt. Ltd. Founder
45 IKC23_045 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Anil Chopra Member Anant Tools Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
46 IKC23_046 Industry - MSME Mr. D P Srivastava Member M.B. Industries Business Development Manager
47 IKC23_047 Industry - MSME Mr. Deepak Goyal Member Grace Furnishings Pvt. Ltd. Director
48 IKC23_048 Industry - MSME Mr. Harsh P Chamaria Member Arin Wood Products Pvt Ltd. Managing Director
49 IKC23_049 Industry - MSME Mr. Hemant Kumar Behera Member Spark Furnitures Pvt. Ltd. Director
50 IKC23_050 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Jaydeep Chitlangia Member Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. Mentor
51 IKC23_051 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Kamlesh Agarwal Member Skipper Furnishings Managing Director
52 IKC23_052 Industry - MSME Mr. Manish Gourisaria Member Lion Picture & Frames (India) Ltd. Managing Director
53 IKC23_053 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Nayan Joshi Member Ruj Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. Director
54 IKC23_054 Industry - MSME Mr. Nikesh Shah Member NAS Contracts Pvt. Ltd. Director
55 IKC23_055 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Pankaj Singh Member Teknovace Wood Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
56 IKC23_056 Industry - MSME Mr. Parth Mahajan Member Zorin Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Director
57 IKC23_057 Industry - MSME Mr. Satish Kumar Chandna Member MVS Global Proprietor
58 IKC23_058 Industry - MSME Mr. Saurabh Khetan Member Iraj Evolution and Design Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
59 IKC23_059 Industry - MSME Mr. Sujeet Kumar Member Ecogreen Interiors and Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Director
60 IKC23_060 Industry - MSME Mrs. Kiran Agarwal Member Rajdhani Crafts International Pvt Ltd Director
61 IKC23_061 Industry - MSME Mrs. Pallavi Goenka Member Pallavi Goenka Homes Proprietor
62 IKC23_062 Industry - MSME Mr. Bharat Jagmohan Parekh Member Ergoflex (I) Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
63 IKC23_063 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. S.I. Singh Member Plantag Coatings India Pvt. Ltd. Branch Manager
64 IKC23_064 Industry - MSME Mr. Haresh Kawedia Member HAKS International Proprietor
65 IKC23_065 Industry - MSME Mr. Kamal Goel Member ANCA International LLP Principal Partner
66 IKC23_066 Industry - MSME Mr. Lovnish Bhatia Member Installco WIFY Technology Pvt. Ltd. Head of Operations
67 IKC23_067 Industry - MSME Mr. Abhishek Jain Member Swakritii Creations Partner
68 IKC23_068 Industry - MSME Mr. Anuj Sharma Member Dryads Wood Works Director
69 IKC23_069 Industry - MSME Mr. Pranav Kochatta Member Studio Dafterr Founder & Director
70 IKC23_070 Industry - MSME Ms. Tithi Gautam Tiwari Member Smartvizs Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
71 IKC23_071 Industry - MSME Mr. Aditya Jain Member Indian Wood Craft Proprietor
72 IKC23_072 Industry - MSME Mr. Bikash Poddar Member Radheshyam Intex Products Pvt. Ltd. Director
73 IKC23_073 Industry - MSME Mr. Subhankar Chakraborty Member STS Realtors & Decors Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
74 IKC23_074 Industry - MSME Ms. Sakshi Kothari Member SUN Interiors Managing Director
75 IKC23_075 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Rahul Rajgaria Member Pentagon Tapes Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
76 IKC23_076 Industry - MSME Mr. Mahendra Pokharna Member Vinayak Furniture Proprietor
77 IKC23_077 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Divyesh Shah Member Red Plus (Kubik India Pvt. Ltd.) Managing Director
78 IKC23_078 Industry - MSME Mr. Atul Gupta Member AVG Modulars Founder
79 IKC23_079 Industry - MSME Mr. Manish Gupta Member Vidisaa Solutions Proprietor
80 IKC23_080 Industry - MSME Mr. Siddharth Sharma Member ISID Managing Partner
81 IKC23_081 Industry - MSME Ms. Priyanka Arjun Jain Member Priyanka Arjun & Associates Architect
82 IKC23_082 Industry - MSME Mr. Naresh Manwani Member Liberty Manufacturers and Marketeors Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
83 IKC23_083 Industry - MSME Mrs. Meeta Raina Member Ghar Aangan Proprietor
84 IKC23_084 Industry - MSME Ms. Gunjan Chaplot Member ADVAIT Pricipal Designer
85 IKC23_085 Industry - MSME Ar. Sunil S Ladha Member Workspace Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. Principal Architect
86 IKC23_086 Industry - MSME Mr. Mandeep Manchanda Member Finesse Interiors & Consultants Managing Owner
87 IKC23_087 Industry - MSME Mr. Aazam Abbas Sanwari Member Akbar Ali and Sons Managing Partner
88 IKC23_088 Industry - MSME Mr. Shajeer Moozhikkal Member ATLAS Kitchen & Interiors Director
89 IKC23_089 Industry - MSME Mr. Nidhey A. Pan Member Pan InnoDesigns LLP CEO
90 IKC23_090 Industry - MSME Ms. Hemalatha G. Member Shapez N Designs (The Plank) Proprietor
91 IKC23_091 Industry - MSME Mr. Sharique S. Tharani Member 3D CAD Pytha India OPC Pvt. Ltd. Director
92 IKC23_092 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. T. Gopi Member WOODTECH Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
93 IKC23_093 Industry - MSME Mr. B Rajan Member D'SEAMENS INDIA INDUSTRIES (P) LTD. CEO
94 IKC23_094 Industry - MSME Mr. Sahil Malhotra Member SFM WOOD WORKS Proprietor
95 IKC23_095 Industry - MSME Mr. Jitendra Goyal Member Dormak Interio Pvt. Ltd. Director
96 IKC23_096 Industry/ Business Leaders Mr. Madhusudan Lohia Member Merino Industries Ltd. Director
97 IKC23_097 Industry - MSME Mr. Sumeet Ashtekar Member Fiable Furniture Technologies (imos INDIA) Sales Head
98 IKC23_098 Industry - MSME Mr. Shreyansh Dhabriya Member Dynasty Modular Furnitures Pvt. Ltd. Director
99 IKC23_099 Industry - MSME Mr. Murari Prasad Sinha Member Manor and Mews Private Limited Director
100 IKC23_100 Industry - MSME Mr. Chayan Agarwal Member Make UR Home Infra Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
101 IKC23_101 Industry - MSME Mr. Himanshu Sharma Member Build-In-Modular(OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Director
102 IKC23_102 Industry - MSME Mr. Karan Malhotra Member Rightways Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Director
103 IKC23_103 Industry - MSME Mr. Naveen Agarwal Member Iconic Panels Pvt. Ltd. Director
104 IKC23_104 Industry - MSME Mr. Sandeep Jindal Member DMS Design Director
105 IKC23_105 Industry - MSME Mr. Jimesh Shah Member Zilio Arctech Managing Director
106 IKC23_106 Industry - MSME Mr. Jagat Singh Tanwar Member Woodline Industries Director
107 IKC23_107 Industry - MSME Mr. Aditya Narain Garg Member Adler Wood India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
108 IKC23_108 Industry - MSME Mr. Raju Paleja Member Naman In Store (India) Pvt. Ltd. Director
109 IKC23_109 Industry - MSME Mr. Arvind Katyal Member Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. OG Representative of South Asia
110 IKC23_110 Industry - MSME Mr. Sajal Lamba Member Alsorg Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
111 IKC23_111 Industry - MSME Mr. Sayeed Ahmed Member BIESSE Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. CEO
112 IKC23_112 Industry - MSME Mr. Vijay R. Gawale Member Siddhi Industries Production Head
113 IKC23_113 Industry - MSME Ms. Sankari R. Member Eywatree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
114 IKC23_114 Industry - MSME Ms. Pankti Agarwal Member Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Operations Director
115 IKC23_115 Industry - MSME Mr. Bhavin R. Pipaliya Member Karma Design Director
116 IKC23_116 Industry - MSME Mr. Deepak Gupta Member Bracecorp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
117 IKC23_117 Industry - MSME Mr. Peeyush Dhannuka Member PRG Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. CEO
118 IKC23_118 Industry - MSME Mr. Vishwas Sonigara Member Shree Ram Wooden Industries Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director
119 IKC23_119 Industry - MSME Mr. Rahul Thakkar Member Panasonic Homes & Living General Manager - Housing Business
120 IKC23_120 Industry - MSME Mr. Vipul Parekh Member Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. Director

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