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Sub Committee - FFSC


The four Sub-Committees designated by the Governing Council, comprising of its Members and/or staff of the Society for the disposal of business of the Society or to take up any special activity on behalf of the Governing Council, to attain the objectives of the society, are:

1. People-Admin-Finance
2. Stakeholder Engagement
3. Board of Standards
4. Projects & Apprenticeship

All the appointed Sub-Committees shall operate in line with their respective objectives & functions, as per the powers & duties assigned to them by the Governing Council.
The Sub-Committees & Regional Chapters shall report to the Steering Committee, and the Steering Committee shall report to the Governing Council.

List of Sub Committee Members:

FFSC Sub-committees: O-KRA & Flagbearers
# Sub-Committee Name Objective Member Name
1 People-Admin-Finance Deliberation and facilitation on matters related to Finance, Admin & People (Human resources). Mr. Saurabh Jain
Financial Consultant
HR Consultant (or on Pay-rolls HR)
2 Stakeholder Engagement Deliberation and facilitation on matters related to increase in participation of key stakeholders in Regional Skill Chapters & FFSC’s engagement initiatives, recruitments. Mr. Sivakumar Venugopal
Mr. Anil Kumar
Mr. C Ramesh
Mr. Pankaj Chandak
3 Board of Standards Deliberation and facilitation on matters related to development of Qualifications, Training Delivery Programs, Capacity Building (Trainers & Assessors), Training and Assessment Infrastructure Guidelines, Skilling Partner Management, Recruitment. Mr. Gopal Dwivedi
Mr. Jagdish Mistry
Mr. Venkatramana Gorti
Mr. Rajesh Balakrishnan
4 Projects & Apprenticeship Deliberation and facilitation on matters on matters pertaining to conceptualising Training Projects (funded & fee based), proposals, implementation, monitoring, certification, Apprenticeship & placements. Mr. Alok Agarwal
Mr. Rajesh Nair
Mr. Swapneel Nagarkar
Mr. Manish Arora

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