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Stakeholder Engagements

April 2023

Addition of New Stakeholders

Nirman India Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Karanvir Vasudeva, Executive Director at Nirman India Constructions Pvt. Ltd..

FFSC Regional Skill Chapter: Delhi/Noida
Industry type: Manufacturer

Nirman India, with its 28 years and counting of excellence in the industry, is a leading name in Interior Execution and Furniture.

Their manufacturing facility at Bawal, Haryana is equipped with advanced machinery in a 50,000 sq ft sprawling space. While specializing in hardwood and panel-based furniture, the furniture vertical offers a variety of collections designed to cater to a plethora of styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and classic - but each with ergonomics luxury, and quality, at its heart.

With over 250 completed sites over the length and breadth of the country and a 1000+ labor force, Nirman India has consistently been the first choice for India’s iconic projects, ranging from sectors like luxury 5-star hotels, bespoke residences, extravagant clubhouses, and experience centers, to ultra-modern office spaces.

MRJ Home lmprovement Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Monesh Thakur Ahuja, Director at MRJ Home lmprovement Pvt. Ltd..

FFSC Regional Skill Chapter: Mumbai
Industry type: Manufacturer

Saviesa is the most exciting brand to enter the kitchens, wardrobes, and beds arena. Saviesa, the word, has its origins in the Spanish language, Catalan. Which stands for wisdom. Why choose a word that stands for wisdom when one chooses a brand? The reason lies in how the consumer today seeks to make a smart decision when buying kitchens. So how does buying a kitchen from Saviesa ensure that it is a wise decision? Perhaps it is rooted in the fact that the group that got together to create this brand, has been in the business of making kitchens beautiful for the last 25 years. They are the group that created the biggest local brand in the history of the Indian kitchen industry, Sleek Kitchens. Anyone who is in the kitchen industry will know names such as Snehal Vasani, Rajesh, and Monesh Ahuja. They are here to create a new dimension of wise buying for the consumer.

Woodology Private Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Pankaj Singhal, CEO at Woodology Private Ltd..

FFSC Regional Skill Chapter: Udaipur
Industry type: Enabler

Enduring the test of quality and delivering non-stop innovation, Woodology brings art to life. As an organization, they are recognized as a premium brand in delivering superior quality prelaminated wooden boards. With their foray into the world of quality engineered wood and our knack for art, they serve our clients with the widest variety of superior quality prelaminated MDF or particle board and HDHMR board.

Equipped to provide a range of finish options on quality finished boards that are cut-to-precision, they are on their way to becoming a one-stop shop for all your modular furniture needs. Having delivered projects across India, they have a humbling testimony for our infinite range and unmatched quality.

March 2023

Addition of New Stakeholders

Blum India Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Michael Dsouza, Product Trainer at Blum India Pvt. Ltd..

FRSC: Mumbai
Industry type: Enablers (Fitting)

Blum was founded by Julius Blum in 1952. Their first furniture hinge, the ANUBA hinge, was developed in 1958. Blum has more than 70+ years of experience and over 120+ markets worldwide.

Their Product ranges in Fittings systems, Motion Technologies, Inner dividing systems, Cabinet applications, and Assembly devices. The services they offer are Planning, design & product selection, Purchasing and ordering, Packaging and logistics, Production and manufacturing, Assembly and adjustment, and Marketing. With 4+ Production sites across the globe. BIN subsidiary headquarters in Mumbai

JM Lifestyle Interior Projects Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Joby Pullattu Mathew, Managing Director at JM Lifestyle Interior Projects Pvt. Ltd..

FRSC: Kochi
Industry type: Manufacturer

J M Lifestyle Interior Projects Pvt. Ltd. (D’LIFE) started with interior designing and execution in 2004 at Kochi, as its main office. Currently, they serve clients through 20 showrooms and offices. Additionally, a marketing office in UAE serves NRI clients planning to furnish flats or houses in Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mangalore & Hyderabad.

D’LIFE is the prime home interior designer in Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mangalore, and Hyderabad with 19 years of experience, 20 showrooms and offices, modern factories, and a team of 900+ permanent employees. They are professional, contemporary interior designers and contractors with the capacity to hand over 200 projects every month. They ensure client satisfaction through quality products and systematic working.

They believe in the design and manufacture of high-quality furniture pieces, which are truly original. They have a 1,25,000 square feet factory space which is one of the largest modular furniture factories in South India equipped with state-of-the-art German machinery to meet today’s furnishing trends. With extensive knowledge, high professionalism, and the use of the most modern technologies, collaborating with leading designers in home interior design is their key strength which allows them to craft the best results and quality products that inspire people.

Indinno Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Yashvardhan Kothari, Managing Partner at Indinno Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

FRSC: Kolkata
Industry type: Manufacturer

Kalpaka Furniture Industries

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Abdul Kareem K, Proprietor at Kalpaka Furniture Industries.

FRSC: Kozhikode
Industry type: Manufacturer
Activities: Skill Conscious Employer Program (28 Candidates certified)

For the past 32 years, they have been working hard daily to achieve their visions, which reflect their values and what they stand for. To develop relationships that make a positive difference for customers, to provide outstanding quality products, to strive for the best price in the market and to work together across boundaries to meet the needs of their customers.

They pride themselves on having the finest manufacturing practices, authentic materials and a steadfast commitment to quality. Their well-supported and equipped distribution network facilitates them in supplying the orders of their clients within the stipulated time frame. They conduct strict quality checks on the products during the various stages of production so that requisite quality standards can be maintained.

Synergy Decor

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Ms. Sowmya Lakshmi G, Proprietor at Synergy Decor.

FRSC: Chennai
Industry type: Manufacturer

Synergy Décor started in 2013, was the outcome of a passion for designing spaces meeting the urge to develop happy workspaces and homes for clients. Synergy Décor has grown by leaps and bounds; as of 2020, they have completed more than 500+ residential & commercial interior projects across Chennai, Coimbatore & Bangalore.

A state-of-the-art facility with imported machines like Panel Saw, Post forming machine, 60-ton pressing machine, Spindle moulder, Through feed automatic edge banding machine, etc. boasts of a highly skilled workforce that enables us to provide the entire gamut of interior décor solutions with a specific focus on quality, cost, and delivery.

Primarily started by people who suffered from engaging an unprofessional to do their flat. The objective of Synergy Décor is to give professional services for low-cost projects. They undertake even small projects as minimal as 50k value, Be it small or big!!! They pitch in to finish with style to see a smile on our customer's faces, and that's bliss.

February 2023

Addition of New Stakeholders

Aryamman Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Dhanesh Bhatia, Director at Aryamman Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd..

Aryamman Interior Solutions has been recognized as a premium source for high-quality lacquered panels & decorative panels imported from Europe for the Indian furniture industry.

They were founded with a vision to introduce high-quality products to the furniture industry and interior design project industries. They have been servicing the modular furniture industry and interior project industry for over two decades all across India. Their team is guided by the visionary Dhanesh Bhatia who brings his own superior taste and expertise in the requirements of the modular furniture industry and can execute the toughest deals with the highest satisfaction.

Krystal Modular Systems

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Rohit Gala, Managing Director at Krystal Modular Systems.

Krystal modular systems were formed in 2014 with the aim of quality and Timely Service. It’s a sister concern to Krystal Kitchens which is trading of SS kitchen accessories & hardware products with a dealer network of 300 retail shops of kitchen showrooms & hardware shops.

They have an 8000 sq. ft warehouse for perfect execution of work. They are highly equipped with machines imported from Europe. The machine such as Panel saw, hydraulic hot press, Spindle molder, through feed edge banding machine, 3 head boarding machine & paint booth.

Modulinea Modular Systems

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Bharat Kawedia, the Managing Partner at Modulinea Modular Systems.

Their story began in 1998, back then, they were a retailer of modular kitchens with a single store in the city of Vasai.

Today, they have a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup, producing Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes. They are privileged to be connected with 150+ dealers with an exceptional product range and more than 200 retail stores in the Indian market. The company has done a continuous search for quality & innovation in its mission, renewing its proposals towards a customer-centric approach to the most contemporary lifestyles and trends in modular furniture with exclusive, innovative, quality products.

Acura Modular Systems

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Sandeep Salvi, the Managing Partner at Acura Modular Systems.

Acura Modular system caters to the specific requirements of individual households, commercial establishments, and residential construction industry projects.

They were Established in July 2017 with 21800 sq. ft. manufacturing unit at Nallasopara, a semi-urban area very close to Mumbai. Equipped with the Latest contemporary manufacturing facility, with a Highly skilled workforce and well-experienced management. Their products are Modern kitchen furniture, Office furniture & partitions & Living-room & bedroom furniture, and much more.

The CADIA Furn

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Deepak Gupta, Managing Director at The CADIA Furn.

CADIA is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality furniture all over India. They are the pioneers in the industry, offering the market greater choice, Innovative ideas, ergonomic designs, and environmentally friendly furniture. Since its humble inception in 1982, the group has grown from strength to strength. From the very beginning, as a group, they have focused on its core principle of customer service, quality, value for money, and innovation. These principles have enabled them to gain the trust of their customers.

Their products include study table furniture, customized furniture, Smart TV Units, Console Table, and more.

Inwud Furniture

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Abdu Nazer K, the Proprietor at Inwud Furniture.

Furniture Regional Skill Chapter: Kozhikode
Industry type: Furniture Manufacturer
Activities: Skill Conscious Employer Program (36 Candidates certified)

INWUD Classic Furniture is a relatively young brand, founded in 2010 with the aim of creating value for users by upholding reliability and flexibility. The brand was envisioned to redefine the socially accepted norms of what was affordable furniture designs. With this vision, they have been able to establish its brand presence over the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, island regions of Lakshadweep along with export trade to the Maldives.

By putting user warmth and comfort first, they aim to disrupt the furniture manufacturing sector with innovative and superior quality products that are designed to be a delight to use and move around. They focus on modular and dismantle design furniture that allows the brand to efficiently package, maintain a lean logistics infrastructure, and expand its reach to more geographical regions.

INWUD doesn't believe in manufacturing furniture, but in bringing life to dream spaces. Their products are crafted to be the perfect blend between fun & function as well as design & desire!

Natoza Furniture LLP

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Abdul Saleem TP, the Designed Partner at Natoza Furniture LLP.

Furniture Regional Skill Chapter: Kozhikode
Industry type: Furniture Manufacturer
Activities: Skill Conscious Employer Program (11 Candidates certified)

Natoza Furniture LLP was incorporated on 21 January 2022. With a highly experienced design and artisan team which can fulfill any interior project with an upcoming state-of-the-art production unit at Athavanad in Malappuram District.

They are a one-stop solution for furniture products such as treated and seasoned Mahogany and rubber wood furniture, Dining sets, Cot, Coffee table, Sit-out chairs, Wooden three-seaters, etc.

ANB Interiors & Exteriors Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Siva Prakash Alluri, the Director at ANB Interiors & Exteriors Pvt. Ltd..

Furniture Regional Skill Chapter: Hyderabad
Industry type: Furniture Manufacturer and Interior Designer

ANB Interiors & Exteriors Pvt. Ltd is a fast-growing organization that was incorporated in the year 2013 in rented premises of 8,000 sq feet located in suraram and within 4 years, it moved into bigger rented premises of 30,000 sq ft located in IDA Bollaram. The Company commenced its commercial operation in Jan 2014 and within a short period of 18 months, it was able to create a reputation of its own quality and timely delivery among its customers. The company boasts 100% customer satisfaction to date and strives and goes to any length to ensure that it meets customer expectations.

Their modern workshop spans over 30,000 Sq ft with high-quality precision machinery such as a Hot press for laminate and veneer, Cold press for laminate, Veneer, and Acrylic, 2 panels saw cutting machine, Edge bending machine, CNC vertical drilling machine and many more located in IDA Bollaram, Hyderabad.

ICA Pidilite Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Manish Airee, the VP-Sales and Marketing at ICA Pidilite Pvt. Ltd..

Furniture Regional Skill Chapter: Mumbai
Industry type: Enabler (Furniture Finishings)

ICA Group formed a 50-50 Joint Venture with Pidilite Industries Ltd. in Nov 2016. ICA’s technological expertise, combined with Pidilite’s sales and marketing, offers the best-quality wood finishes across the country. They have set up their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Jambusar, Gujarat, which leverages Italian Technology while bolstering the “Make in India” narrative to provide top Quality Premium Italian Wood Finishes.

The Joint Venture acts as a perfect blend of the Italian Lineage of Design and the Customer First approach of an Indian MNC, making it possible for our customers to – Imagine Wood with ICA.

The NEW ICA offers a range of exquisite Italian wood finishes that represent the highest standards of quality and finesse one has come to expect from Italy: the land of great interior design. Through its diverse offering of wood finishes, ICA allows architects and interior designers to express their artistic sensibility in ways that are uniquely theirs, so they can curate and express their personal style and aesthetic. ICA experts advise architects and interior designers regarding the suitable wood coating system at the planning stage of the project to make their vision come to life and ensure supreme satisfaction. Our specially formulated Italian wood coating and wood finish products are known to give a prodigious performance. It is not hard to achieve any look for the interiors with the exquisite range of products offered by ICA designed to build a dream home.

FFSC conducts Industry Meets at Kolkata and Chennai

FFSC conducted Industry Meet of the Regional Skill Chapter in Chennai and Kolkata.

The meetings collectively saw participation from more than 50 companies from the Interiors, Furniture and enabling sub-sectors.

The Key Points discussed during the Meeting:

  • FFSC Regional Skill Chapter and the Operating Procedures
  • Skill Academies – Beginner & Apprenticeship

An open forum discussion was held on the skilling interventions required by the industry and how a Regional Skill Chapter will work towards implementing the same on a hub and spoke model.

January 2023

Addition of New Stakeholders

Siddhi Industries

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Vijay R Gawale, Production Head at Siddhi Industries.

“The Creative interiors", a new-generation interior designing firm, is one of the leading and innovative designing firm. Their team of designers and visualizers come up with design concepts enhancing value and brand. Every detail is researched, considered, tailor-made, and unlocking the tremendous potential that exceeds clients' high expectations from them.

Since their inception in 2004, they have maintained a track record of on-time delivery, At “The Creative interiors” they have developed the turn-key designing concept for banks, residences, corporate offices, hotels/resorts, retail, commercial spaces, clinics, etc.They have been delivering quality outputs in designing and execution in a time-bound manner.

They offer turnkey project Execution, total interior solutions for corporate and residential spaces, Functional Integration with the architecture, Time-bound Execution, High-quality materials, and finishes.

Eywatree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Ms. Sankari . R, Managing Director at Eywatree Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

NAADI helps manufacturers to transition away from the outdated practice of recording traceability information on paper. Instead, the manufacturers can keep information on a unified platform, where it is simple to record, analyze and interpret. NAADI is a cloud-based, SAAS-based Software Product that is simple and easy to use.

The main features of Naadi software are:

  • Real-Time Order Progress
  • Man and Machine performance
  • Quality Control
  • Error-free Packing and shipment
  • Hardware Packing
  • Digital Proof of Delivery
  • Many more...

Their products are NAADI Track and Trace, NAADI Box and Ship, and NAADI Cut Smart NAADI Cache, Many more...

Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Ms. Pankti Agarwal, Director at Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

Laser Technologies was founded by a group of Technocrats in 2011, with the idea of creating a large umbrella organization to assist and serve the growing Indian Laser Industry and to help the market with its years of experience in the field of Lasers and its applications. They represent many global manufacturers, covering a wide range of solutions Laser Marking, Laser Welding, 2D Laser Cutting, 3D Laser Cutting, Laser Cladding, Laser Hardening, Lamination Cutting Machines, and many more.

Their main aim is to serve their customers with the utmost know-how of products and help them fulfill their objectives. They provide customers with cost-effective innovative solutions which cater to their exact needs. Their Laser Solutions can process a wide range of materials like Metal, Paper, Acrylic, Wood, Textile, Leather, Plastic, and many more.

With a well-built sales, service, and marketing team they provide their clients with a custom installation and advanced technical support. With their offices spread out from Mumbai to Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore they are One Stop Shop for all Laser Requirements!!!

Karma Design

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Bhavin R. Pipaliya, Director at Karma Design.

Over the past 36 years, Karma Design has been bringing the latest designs and fashion to space. Karma Design offers the widest and best-in-class range of interior design and innovative ceiling concepts. They bring an enjoyable and hassle-free interior designing experience to all its valuable customers with varying concepts and preferences.

They are the ONLY “One Stop Shop” company with its own In-House Design Studio, Contracting Labour Strength, and Centralized Factory in Mumbai. We are a Member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), AFMT & BIA, and a Channel Partner with Asian Paints. We have our own office in Mumbai & Centralised Factory in Malad & Vasai.

Services offered by them are Detail Shop Drawing, Civil Interior Work, Designer Furniture, Modular Furniture, All types of Ceiling, Carpet & Raised Floors, a Complete Range Flooring, Solid Natural Wooden Flooring, Painting/Polishing/Lamination Work, and Electrical and Lighting work.

Bracecorp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Deepak Gupta, Managing Director at Bracecorp Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

Bracecorp Technologies Pvt Ltd is the publisher of Sourcing Hardware (

They were established in 1996, and since then, it has rapidly grown as a highly focused business-to-business media and events organization. Each of its products and activities has been conceptualized to fulfill a specific need of the industry and has emerged as the most sought-after for its uniqueness and effectiveness.

They serve volume buyers, sellers, and specifiers through our online publications, conferences, awards, private events, and market intelligence. Their expertise lies in the industries of builders’ hardware, bathroom fittings, ceramics, modular kitchens, lighting, electricals, and home improvement products.

They are also involved in the turnkey design and execution of lighting & automation projects for Smart City installations.

PRG Furnishers Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Peeyush Dhanuka, CEO at PRG Furnishers Pvt. Ltd..

Shree Ram Wooden Industries Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Vishwas Sonigara, Managing Director at Shree Ram Wooden Industries Pvt. Ltd..

Vittaazio has made its presence felt in the ever-evolving world of Kitchen, Wardrobe, and Vanity furniture, through aesthetic and quality excellence. They offer bespoke multi-faceted and distinctive designs that come with a promise of durability and brilliant finishing for modern living spaces. Aesthetics with functional innovation are the hallmarks of VITTAAZIO furniture, blending elegance with uniqueness, comfort, and tradition with World Class technology.VITTAAZIO is not a kitchen to pass unnoticed. It is lush and chic, endowed with modern sleekness, and it bears homage to a time-honoured classic of furniture.

Their multidirectional production and research & development plant that spans a sprawling area of 1,50,000 square feet, the backbone of VITTAAZIO is based in the industrial hub of Ahmedabad. Employing state-of-the-art technology, and fully automatic next-generation machinery from Germany & Italy, the extensive factory setup allows for functional enhancements and design explorations that transform conceptual materiality into bespoke furniture, redefining the focal point of your space.

Panasonic Homes & Living

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Rahul Thakkar, General Manager – Housing Business at Panasonic Homes & Living.

Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited (formerly known as Anchor Electricals Private Limited) is an Indian Company incorporated under the Companies Act. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings Corporation, Japan, and are the leading Electrical Construction Material company with a presence across India.

They are the trusted brand for consumer electrical products and solutions, offering an extensive range of products that include: Wiring Devices (Switch, Socket, and Accessories), Wires & Cables, Switchgear, Conduit Pipes and boxes, Solar Modules, Inverters & Solar EPC Solutions, Residential and Commercial Lighting, IoT & Home Automation, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality / Fans), Water Heaters, EV Infrastructure/Chargers, Housing Solutions like Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Electronic Toilet Seat (ETS) and Clothes Drying System, KMEW Boards, to name a few. Furthermore, they are also one of the market leaders in the Electronics Segment, offering an extensive range of products that include: Televisions, refrigerators, Air Conditioners, etc.

Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Vipul Parekh, Director at Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd..

Shreeji Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the woodwork industry. They are actively engaged in the manufacturing of superior wood-based products for high-end real estate projects. Their products primarily comprise exclusively finished, customized wooden doors, frames, modular kitchens, and international wooden flooring for various facilities like sports and leisure. Their end-to-end solutions combine the warmth of wood with sublime aesthetics and desired functionality. Wooden doors, frames, and floorings give a nostalgic feel to every space. While reminiscent of old-world charm, they are timeless and still loved and preferred as ever.

They have been a thriving hub of wood-based products for over three decades. Three generations of Shreeji have served India’s elites in iconic projects with state-of-the-art products. With experience comes good judgment while customizing solutions for every client. A pursuit of creating something worth creating takes much more thought. It takes constant evolution and uniqueness. They are committed to excellence and consumed with making your solution an everlasting icon of form and function.

1st Skilling partner meet at Pune

FFSC invited the key institutes from Pune to be part of the 1st Skilling Partners Meet on 7th Jan 2023. The meeting was hosted by Kessebohmer India at their Experience Centre in Pune.

The meeting saw participation from more than 15 Interior Designing & Architecture institutes. Participation included INIFD, APCOA, BNCA, MNVTI & National School of Skills Foundation, and Sanskara Academy, among others.

The Key Points discussed during the Meeting:

  • Institutes as Skill Academies
  • Curriculum alignment with that of NSQF level courses
  • Job Opportunities for the Learners

The institutes' participation in FFSC's initiatives will strengthen the Pune Regional Skill Chapter.

Industry Meet at Vasai, Maharashtra

FFSC invited the key industry players from the Vasai, Maharashtra Region to be part of the Industry Meet of the Regional Skill Chapter in Mumbai. The meeting was hosted by Aryamman Interior Solutions on 14th January 2023.

The meet saw participation from more than 50 companies from the Interiors, Furniture and enabling sub-sectors.

The Key Points discussed during the Meeting:

  • FFSC Regional Skill Chapter and the Operating Procedures
  • Skill Academies – Beginner & Apprenticeship

An open forum discussion was held on the skilling interventions required by the industry and how a Regional Skill Chapter will work towards implementing the same on a hub and spoke model. An overwhelming response from the industry partners has given the ideal start to Mumbai’s FFSC Regional Skill Chapter.

December 2022

FFSC's Industry Meet - 'One Nation, One Industry': Mumbai

FFSC invited the key industry players from the Mumbai region to be part of the 1 st Industry Meet of the Regional Skill Chapter in Mumbai. The meeting was hosted by the Narsi Group at their Navi Mumbai plant on 22 nd December 2022.

The meet saw participation from more than 40 companies from the Interiors, Furniture and enabling sub-sectors. Key participation included IIID, HOMAG India, Greenply Industries, Nilkamal Limited, Felder Group, ICA Pidilite, Pidilite CSR, Pidilite One, Shreepal and others.

The key points discussed during the meeting:

  • Launch of the ‘One Nation, One Industry’ campaign
  • FFSC Regional Skill Chapter and the operating procedures
  • Skill Academies – Beginner, Apprenticeship & Centre of Excellences (COEs)
  • Felicitation of the new Industry Members

An open forum discussion was held on the skilling interventions required by the industry and how a Regional Skill Chapter will work towards implementing the same on a hub and spoke model. An overwhelming response from the industry partners has given the ideal start to Mumbai’s Regional Skill Chapter.

Addition of New Stakeholders

Zilio Arctech

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Jimesh Shah, Managing Director at Zilio Arctech.

Zilio Arctech is known as the growing leading design and Build Firm in India with global corporates as their clients. Zilio Arctech has its own in-house team with the strength of strong-minded Designers. They also have a state-of-the-art movable wall manufacturing factory with their own R&D Team.

They have in-house manufacturing of Acoustic Movable Walls, Glass parking & Glass Sliding Folding Systems in India. They are the only company in India that has a dedicated manufacturing plant in Mumbai exclusively for Acoustic Movable Walls, Glass Parking & Glass Sliding Folding Systems. They also have a dedicated product installation team for Acoustic Movable Partition.

Zilio Arctech Movable Walls are manufactured in India without compromising in quality by following International Standards. With European technologies, they provide high-quality Movable Partitions. These Movable Wall Panels come in different thicknesses depending on the client’s requirements. The front of the panels can be provided in raw MDF finish or with any type of finish such as fabric, veneer, laminate, whiteboards, wallpaper, steel board, acoustic panel, etc. as per the demand.

Woodline Industries

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Jagat Singh Tanwar, the Director at Woodline Industries.

Established in the year 2018, “Woodline industries” is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of bathroom vanity cabinets, bathroom vanity units, bathroom vanity, modular kitchen, etc. situated in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).

They have constructed a wide and well-functional infrastructural unit that plays an important role in the growth of their company. They offer these products at reasonable rates and deliver these within the promised time frame. Under the headship of “Mr. Jagat Singh Tanwar”, they have gained a huge clientele across the nation.

Adler wood India Pvt Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Aditya Narain Garg, Managing Director at Adler wood India Pvt Ltd..

Adler wood India Pvt Ltd. came to fruition in 2018 by three young and dynamic visionaries, Mr. Anoop Agarwal, Mr. Luv Mohan Gupta, and Mr. Aditya Narain Garg, hailing from Decades-old family-run businesses with backgrounds in wood, Paper, and stainless steel. They have vast industrial and manufacturing expertise and market know-how, and the promoters are committed to taking Adler wood India Pvt Ltd has set up a state-of-the-art greenfield plant in Punjab for manufacturing medium & high-Density Fiber Boards (MDF & HDF), under the iconic brand name of ADLERWUD.

Naman In-store India Pvt Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Raju Paleja, Director at Naman In-store India Pvt Ltd..

They are one of India’s Largest Furniture & Fixture companies with 20+ years of experience and 100+ products. Their team has managed national rollouts for some of the largest retailers and several global brands. Each of their Directors and department heads comes with over 15 years of industry experience and decade-old client relationships.

They are creatively driven and grounded in various store environments and precision engineering to deliver perfect in-store solutions for their clients. Creating high-quality custom displays and complex projects involving multi-material inputs are their forte – all done in-house with over 1 Lac sqft of production.

Their Working process involves Understanding customer Requirements, Designing prototypes, Approval and order, Production, Execution & dispatch, and Client feedback & repeat order feedback.

Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. OG

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Arvind Katyal, the Representative of South Asia at Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. OG.

EGGER is a global family company founded in 1961 in Tyrol, Austria, where it is currently based. The company produces wood-based panel products. EGGER has 20 production sites globally located in Europe and the Americas. It currently has 25 sales offices worldwide, including India. They have a full-range supplier for the furniture and interior design industry, wood construction, and flooring sectors.

Their products can be found in many areas of private and public life: in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. Their promise of "More from wood" means that in addition to products for furniture and interior design, they also offer wood-based flooring (laminate, cork, and design floors) as well as building products.

Alsorg Interior India Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Sajal Lamba, Managing Director at Alsorg Interior India Pvt. Ltd..

Alsorg Interior India Pvt Ltd in Gurgaon is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. That has helped them build up a loyal customer base. They started their journey in 2007 and ever since, they have ensured that the customer remains at the center of their business operations and philosophy.

The product and Services offered by them are Furniture Dealers, Interior Designers, Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, Modular Kitchen Dealers, Furniture Manufacturers, etc.

Biesse Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Sayeed Ahmed, CEO at Biesse Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd..

Founded in Pesaro in 1969 by Giancarlo Selci, the company has been listed on the star sector of Borsa Italiana since June 2001 and is currently a constituent of the FTSE IT small-cap index. It now has 4200 employees worldwide.

They are the global leader in technologies for processing wood, glass, stone, advanced materials, and metal. They design, manufacture, and distribute machines, integrated systems, and software for producers of furniture, door/window frames, and components for the construction, ship-building, and aerospace industries. They operate through 12 industrial sites, 39 branches, and 300 agents and selected dealers, exporting about 85% of its production.
Their customers include some of the most prestigious names in Italian and International Design and Woodworking industries.

The Project Planning Meeting held at Malabar Furniture Hub (Kozhikode)

FFSC was invited to the Project Planning meeting of MALABAR FURNITURE HUB, the meeting was conducted on 17/12/2022 at Kozhikode Guest House and was inaugurated by Shri. P. Rajeev, Hon. Minister for Industries & Law, Government of Kerala, and with the presence of other eminent personalities. The main aim of the Common Facility Centre was to establish a role model design development center, skill development center, quality raw material processing, etc.

For the skill development center, the furniture and fitting skill council will be playing a vital role by supporting the consortium with NSQF-certified courses and by providing skilling and re-skilling programs.

Skill Conscious Employer Program in Kerala

FFSC has initiated the 'Skill Conscious Employer Program' among its industry partners in Kerala.

The program aimed to skill certification of the existing workforce through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). It is an initiative to create awareness & consciousness about Skills in industry & Workforce and the program also helps the existing woodworkers by upskilling them and providing them with a better understanding of furniture & its allied industry. The benefit for Manufacturers/Companies are as follows-

  • Alignment of the company's organizational structure with the Industry Occupational Map
  • Apprenticeship implementation support
  • Their employees will also get additional benefits

The program was held in 5 districts

  • Inno Design (Belindia)
  • Hyfurn India
  • Living Room Firniture
  • Keerthi Furniture
  • Standard Education Furniture
  • Affon
  • Hompack
  • Woodux
  • woodlines
  • Mozo Innovation
  • Lacbay furniture
  • Bosq
  • Prime Decor

For their support at the skill camp, FFSC would like to thank our Industry Partner Hyfurn, & Inno Designs Along with other industries such as Belinda Sofas, Living Room Furniture, Hompac, Woodux, Woodlines, Mozo Innovation, CADIA, CAZARO, Affon, BOSQ, Lacbay Furniture, Prime Décor, Keerthi Furniture & Standard Education Furniture.

7th Stakeholder Engagement Sub Committee

FFSC organized the 7th Stakeholder Engagement Sub Committee meeting on 14th December 2022 for the newly elected sub-committee.

November 2022

Addition of New Stakeholders

Manor And Mews Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Murari Prasad Sinha, Director at Manor and Mews Pvt. Ltd..

Manor & Mews Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2017, by Obeetee Rug Company which is a pioneer in the carpet industry and looking to expand into the world of fine furniture making.

Manor & Mews has been operating in Jaipur since 2017 and in its manufacturing unit, it uses the latest and most advanced woodworking machines from Germany e.g., automatic panel saw, Veneer Hot-press, edge banding machine, etc. This state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is compliant with world standards with a complete air-conditioned dust-free environment and is completely self-sufficient in all skill sets. Each product is made with utmost attention to bring out the perfect final product that meets the buyers’ specifications and international standards.

Manor & Mews remain committed to reducing the impact on the environment; supporting local communities, sourcing the highest quality natural materials, and adopting sustainable principles where possible.

Make Ur Home Infra Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Chayan Agarwal, the Managing Director at Make Ur Home Infra Pvt. Ltd..

Established by Chayan Agarwal in 2016, by trading of plywood and other panel products. The business was doing well, yet something was missing - the big idea! A seamless customer experience is lacking in the whole interior industry, and that was when the idea of everything from modular furniture to doors & loose furniture In-house came to life. In 2020, MAKE UR HOME took the concept one step further and brought In-house everything from raw materials, to production, and services. By providing all interior solutions under one roof, they reduce costs and improve service, which helps us stand out from the competition. They specialize in CUSTOM FURNITURE, DOORS & DOOR FRAMES, MODULAR FURNITURE, MODULAR KITCHEN & WARDROBES, and OFFICE-FURNITURES.

MAKE UR HOME Bringing together traditional skills and modern machinery, they are makers at heart.


We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Director at Built in Modular (OPC) Pvt. Ltd..

Built-in Modular, founded over 8 years ago, is a vertically integrated service & product provider in modular furniture and kitchen, the manufacturer with proper management and also believes in effectively contributing and providing an effective product to our client. They take a holistic approach to any assignment.

They deal in products like Modular Furniture, Kitchen shutters, Premium shutters, wardrobe, Carcasses & Pre laminated shutters.

Rightways Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Karan Malhotra, Director at Rightways Corporation Pvt. Ltd..

Introducing themselves as one of the leading manufacturers in India for MODULAR FURNITURE in the contemporary market, their expertise lies in Bathroom vanities and Cabinets, fully customizable Modular Kitchens, Work-Stations, Laminated & veneer Doors, etc. Most of their products are manufactured in Jaipur, keeping in view the requirements of their customers. As an institution, which keeps quality as its first priority, they level up to achieve international standards through its products.

Strongly governing over the fundamentals, “Whatever good things we build today, help us build a stronger tomorrow.” They at Paradox Studio would like to take you through a stroll of what helps us convert barren corners into optimum utility spaces with utmost convenience and unmatched amalgamation of design and style.

They deal in products like Bathroom vanities, Bathroom cabinets & Kitchen cabinets.

Iconic Panels Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Naveen Agarwal, Director at Iconic Panels Pvt. Ltd..

Iconic Panels Pvt. Ltd ( Stymax), is a trusted Manufacturer of all types of Factory Made Doors, Chowkhats, uPVC, Windows, Aluminium Windows, Modular Kitchens, wardrobes, and furniture since 25 years. They have the world-class infrastructure to produce high-quality products at their factory at Bagru, with all types of modern machinery. Their 3000 Sqft showroom at New Sanganer Road features an extensive display of all their products. They have catered to all types of clients including individuals, government as well as private projects. All their products are customized as per customer needs and sizes and they provide End to End solutions from design to installation at the site.

They are specialized in Products like Laminated Doors, Wire Mesh Doors, Veneered Doors, PVC Doors, Wooden Chowkhats, PVC Chowkhats, Aluminium Windows, uPVC Windows, Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes, and many more.

DMS Design

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Sandeep Jindal, Director at DMS Design.

The DMS Design story began in Bais Godam, Jaipur (Rajasthan), in 2014. At that time, they were a small company. By that time, they were producing very few items. They later moved into producing a few new furniture items from the timbers they milled, and now their new branch is made in Muhana Mandi, Jaipur (Rajasthan), in 2018 & the DMS story is still being written. The company brand name is Montage. Their products are manufactured by experienced workers with technical machinery. With more than 40000 square ft. of enclosed production area and over 50 employees, the company has become well known for its quality, value-priced home furnishings, produced by highly skilled employees and distributed by furniture Retailers, Wholesalers, and Project Developers throughout India.

They are specialized in Manufacturing Products like Beds, Tv Units, wardrobes, study tables, Modular Kitchens, and many more.

October 2022

Dynasty Modular Furnitures Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Shreyansh Dhabhriya, Director at Dynasty Modular Furnitures Pvt. Ltd..

Dynasty Modular Furnitures Private Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 1995, with a well-equipped manufacturing facility in Jaipur (Rajasthan) for manufacturing of Modular Furniture using Wood Substitute Material or Eco-friendly products. Their Wide Range of Modular furniture includes Kitchen & Wardrobe wooden components, Home furniture, Office & institutional furniture, Executive table & Workstations, Green doors and other customized products.
With the procurement of Material from international and national brands like ALVIC from Spain, they provide quality products to meet every expectation of their esteemed customers.
Dynasty is a well-known brand since 1995, in the B2B modular kitchen & furniture industry, with ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as its core value.

Imos India

We are glad to introduce our new general body member Mr. Sumeet Ashtekar, Sales Head at Fiable Furniture Technologies (imos India).

Imos AG is a globally operating software company headquartered in Herford / East Westphalia, the center of the German kitchen and furniture industry. It is an international company, strong in development, sales, and service thanks to decades of experience and established structures. The company was established in 1993, and the imos solutions are available in 27 languages in 89 countries and used by 4500+ manufacturers worldwide. imos India is a joint venture of Fiable Furniture Technologies, India and imos AG, Germany. Established in 2022 with a vision to closely support the Indian modular Furniture industry with the state of art technology starting from the point of sales to design and manufacturing, along with sales and service. imos India is currently operated from Hubli & Mumbai.

Dormak Interio Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce our new General Body member, Mr. Jitendra Goyal, Director at Dormak Interio Pvt. Ltd.

Dormak was established in the year 2008. It is a flagship company of the GKR group. It is an ISO 9001-2008 Company engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting a vast collection of Doors that include Membrane Designer Doors, Veneer Doors, Laminated Doors, Emperia Doors, Glass Doors, HDF Moulded Doors, Moulded Veneer doors, Neo Classic Doors, HDF Flat Doors, Premium Coated Doors, Armoured Doors, Membrane Premium Doors and Fire Rated Doors etc. They are associated with Craft master International, USA, World’s leading door components manufacturer. Their range is fabricated at the state-of-the-art facility at Jaipur, using imported raw materials and the latest machinery to produce world-class doors. This range finds multifarious uses in buildings like hospitals, hotels, industrial structures, schools, colleges, hostels, commercial complexes and residential projects.

Merino Industries Limited

We are glad to introduce our new General Body member, Mr. Madhusudan Lohia, Director at Merino Industries Limited.

Merino is a versatile manufacturer and marketer of Interiors Solutions with a wide array of products for homes, offices, commercial and public areas. Decades of strong market presence have created a high brand recall among various customer segments. Tapping the synergy of their products and services, they achieve a competitive advantage through technology innovation and delivering greater customer satisfaction.
In Interior Solutions, plywood was their first product in 1974, and it launched their reputation for product quality and company service. Merino then established its manufacturing unit for high-pressure decorative laminates at Hapur near New Delhi. A second unit at Rohad was commissioned as their rapid growth evolved them into India's largest manufacturer and exporter of laminates. Over the years, their innovations have been continuously well received by Architects and Interior Designers with quality products that have complemented the creativity of these professionals. They endeavour to maximize the product value (Excellence), maintain affordability (Economy) and deal fairly and transparently in all their relationships (Ethics).

Appreciation to Partners in Furniture Skills Global Conclave

We are glad to introduce our new General Body member, Mr. Madhusudan Lohia, Director at Merino Industries Limited.

While celebrating the culmination of the yearlong event 'Furniture Skills Global Conclave', FFSC also recognized the contributions of several industry organizations, stalwarts and professionals for their unwavering support and contribution towards the fulfilment of Mission 2025.
Some of the notable mentions were Pidilite Industries for their contribution in setting up Skill Academy, NürnbergMesse India for Industry Engagement, Hyfurn for Learner Engagement.

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