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Curriculum - FFSC


S.No Qualification Code Qualification Name NSQF Level Model Curriculum Expiry Date
1 FFS/Q2202 General Assistant-Furniture and Fittings Installation 2 dnld 01-Oct-24
2 FFS/Q2201 Assistant Carpenter 3 dnld 01-Oct-24
3 FFS/Q2203 Carpenter With Electives:

1. Wooden Door & Windows with Frames

2. Wooden Cladding & Panelling

3. Wooden Flooring

4. Kitchen, Cabinets & Beds

5. Wooden House Structure

6. General Repairs and Maintenance
4 dnld 27-Jan-25
4 FFS/Q2204 Master Carpenter 5 dnld 27-Jan-25
5 FFS/Q0201 Assistant Draughtsperson (Interior Design) 2 dnld 27-Jan-25
6 FFS/Q0202 Draughtsperson (Interior Design) With Electives:

1. Residential and Kitchen

2. Hospitality

3. Commercial

4. Academic Institutions

5. Retail Fitout and Exhibitions
3 dnld 27-Jan-25
7 FFS/Q0203 Assistant Interior Designer With Electives:

1. Residence

2. Kitchen

3. Commercial

4. Hospitality

5. Academic Institutions

6. Retail Fitout and Exhibitions
4 dnld 28-Apr-25
8 FFS/Q0204 Interior Designer 5 dnld 28-Apr-25
9 FFS/Q0205 Assistant Project Manager (Interior Design) With Electives:

1. Residence and Kitchen

2. Commercial and Hospital

3. Academic Institutions

4. Hospitality

5. Retail Fitout and Exhibitions
6 dnld 28-Apr-25
10 FFS/Q4102 Lead Furniture Maker – Bamboo 4 dnld 17-Oct-23
11 FFS/Q4104 Finisher – Bamboo Furniture 3 dnld 17-Oct-23
12 FFS/Q6104 Installer – Frameless Glass Doors/ Windows 4 dnld 17-Oct-23

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